Announcing Hacker Experience 2

Hello world

My name is Renato and I launched Hacker Experience (BETA) last September. Hacker Experience is an online hacking simulation game, give it a try sometime! Beware of bugs, though.

Those who already play HE know that I've been postponing some "great news" for a while. I've even published this little "puzzle" some time ago. Well, it's time to announce those great news.

We are developing from scratch a brand new version of Hacker Experience, with a virtual operating system, terminal-like interface, iOS and Android quasi-native versions and much, much more.

We created this blog to gradually "leak" some information from our development progress. We will let you know what are we doing, share some screenshots, some technical implementation details and some programming jokes (why not?).

By "we" I mean a lot of great people who are part of our awesome development team. Below is a photo of some of them. They will introduce each other within the next few weeks, and each one will share details of their development roles and implementation progress. We want to share this journey with you, so don't forget to subscribe!

We were just a bit drunk...

I don't want to spoil the details and make a long introduction post, but a few things I can say:

  • DO raise your expectations; HE2 will be awesome. ;)
  • HE2 will be open source. You will be able to contribute directly to it's development. More details to come.
  • We have lots of feedback from the current BETA version. We will make sure not to commit the same mistakes I did on the current version.
  • Soon we will share a link to a form where you can submit suggestions directly to the HE2 Dev Team.

I know you all want a schedule. That's (very) hard to predict, specially when it involves software development. That said, we are doing our best to have a closed BETA by August, and a gold release by October.

That's it. Subscribe for more! ;)

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