Introducing Christian

(so/now (lets (introduce myself)))

My name is Christian and I'm the new (lisp-lover) member of the Hacker Experience 2 server team.

I'm from a (not so little) town called Guarujá. It's an island on a metropolitan region called Baixada Santista. So, yeah, I'm from the beach (but actually dislike beaches), and now I'm working full time on HE2.

I also have a very strong Ruby and (functional) JavaScript background, so I'm very happy with the current stack (Elixir), as it seems to me that Elixir fixes the most annoying parts I've found on these languages.

Sorry for the briefness, thanks for your attention and be right back.

(also, as you might have perceived, I love parens. :] )

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Former PHP victim, currently working with Elixir, Elm, distributed systems and some hardcore systems administration.