Introducing Ghaleon, our new Community Manager

Hi there folks,

Our kind boss asked me to introduce myself in a polite yet timely way, so here it is.

I’ve been around games for as long as I can remember, from old consoles to MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs to about anything that could be played in a console, a computer or a mobile phone all the way from elementary school to high school to college.

While I have played almost every genre of game, those I enjoyed most usually were Role Playing Games or Massively Multiplayer Online games. From time to time I’ve been an usual player of Ultima Online, EVE, World of Warcraft, Ragnarök Online, Granado Espada, EverQuest, Guild Wars, Star Wars Galaxies and many more whose names I don’t really remember right now :D

I’ve had guilds in many of those games, leaded raids and so forth and I have participated as much as I could in forums and communities, even the more toxic ones.

I have undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Cinema Studies and a master’s degree in Audiovisual and Cinema Studies. I’ve worked a few times in software development until I decided to throw everything out of the window and pursue a teaching career. I’ve taught many classes on many different subjects in Cinema Studies and Computer Science, some of them being Game Design Theory, Narrative Design, Animation, and many more… which is one of the many reasons Renato wanted me on the project, hehe :D

And that brings me to present time. I’m really glad and excited about joining the project and the community and I hope I can contribute as much to it as possible. So, feel free to contact me on anything and let’s get this game going. I'll be available on our chat as much as possible.