Introducing the IE haters


My name is Rodrigo and I’m the lone wolf (for now) developing the Hacker Experience 2 Desktop interface. The Web Team will be developing your way to play the game in Web Browsers and Desktops.

All the HE2 teams have in mind that your gaming experience is way important. So, the Web Team’s main goal is to develop a lightweight interface which can run almost anywhere (we’re not planning, for now, to support IE in our game).

To bring you the best possible playing experience, we’re developing all the interfaces using Meteor to handle server-side code and React for client-side code. We do need both because Meteor’s Templates will not be efficient enough to handle our complex features that we want in the game.

I’m eager to show you guys some images and videos in the future, so stay tuned at our blog to be in touch with the latest leaks and updates from the Web Team and all other teams. See you soon!

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