March Updates

Hello everyone. Just wanted to share some updates with you, since we've been away for a long time.

  • We are (still) working on HE2. Yay!

  • It is becoming awesome; from specs (ideas, concepts, game design) to implementation. We have a lot of new things, and we'll show you soon (keep reading).

  • As stated on our last post, we are still having financial problems with the game development. This means HE2 will take longer than expected, since we have a much smaller number of people working on it.

  • Our hopeful solution to this financial problem is also on the work: a crowdfunding campaign. We are finishing a set of documents, screenshots and a small trailer to share with possible backers (and pre-owners) of Hacker Experience 2.

You can see by the tone of this blog post that I'm in a hurry. That's how we've been for the past few months. Our lack of activity on this blog is a direct result of us working all day (and night) at the game development.

However, even though we don't like it, we understand that marketing is a key element on a successful fundraising campaign, and therefore we plan to be around more often - here and on our social networks. Heck, I even got a toll-free number! As soon as our campaign starts, we'll take turns on phone and mail support, answering any questions you might have.

Our next post will be the very introduction of our crowdfunding campaign, along with detailed instructions on how to start contributing to HE2 (yeah, contributing! And you don't have to be a computer programmer). It might still take two or three weeks to launch, but we'll let you know.

Thank you very much for your support and patience.

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