Updates on Hacker Experience 2 & Let's Build a Game

It's been some time since our last post here, so I'd like to share some recent news about Hacker Experience 2 and Let's Build a Game.


This week we've finally finished our crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo, where we managed to raise $18,118 by 500 awesome backers. This amount will keep our current team able to work full-time on Hacker Experience 2 without having to worry about funding.

While this is great, we did not meet the original goal of $50,000. This means we'll probably not be able to release the public version by December, as planned. These extra resources would be used to hire two or three developers to speed things up, but that's not going to happen.

It doesn't matter, though. We are very happy to announce that Hacker Experience 2 is going to happen!

Architectural changes

During the month of June we reviewed our server architecture and frontend interfaces. Two major changes happened:

  1. We were developing half of the game in Python, and half of it in Elixir. We've decided to switch completely to Elixir.

  2. We faced performance problems with the WEB interface. We decided to drop web-browser support for now, and develop the Desktop interface in C#.

Both changes are good and will bring you a better game, but both changes will delay things even further.

We are much more worried with delivering an awesome game to you than meeting the (optimistic) schedule. We believe the improvements these changes will bring are completely worth waiting for.

Charlotte had to leave our team

During the last week of June, Charlotte told us (me and Allan) that she would have to leave and return to her home city for personal reasons. We understand and respect her decision.

However, this brings an unexpected problem. Now we have to look for a new developer, and I doubt we'll find anyone nearly as efficient as Charlotte. For the current time, Allan and I are the only two people working on Hacker Experience 2.

We wish her all luck and have always the door open shall she want to come back.

Let's Build a Game support

Thousands of users have signed up for Let's Build a Game on the last month, and we are happy to hear about its success.

Many of these users are at our Development Center, discussing things, asking questions, suggesting features and offering all kinds of help. That's amazing.

However, for all of you, I ask one thing: patience.

We are a small team. Suggestions, questions and discussions come at a rate much higher than we can ingest (specially now that there are only two of us).

Right now, me and Allan are focused on creating the core of the game, the fundamental game mechanics and the framework that powers Hacker Experience 2.

We can't comment on most threads right now, but keep discussions going and when we have the time (i.e. when we start working on these specific features), we'll be able to give a thorough review of each one of them.

So, please, be patient and understanding. We are not ignoring you; it's just that we have to focus on the foundations of the game right now. If we were to give the right amount of support for each thread, we would spend all of our day on discussions. Useful, but a game is not made solely of discussions.

Just to clarify, I'm not asking for you to stop suggesting features or creating discussions. We like them! Please share anything that comes to your mind. Just know that, currently, we do not have the time to thoroughly read & review all of them.

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

I am willing to host a reddit-style AMA to answer questions about Hacker Experience 2, Let's Build a Game and discuss features. Let me know if you would be interested on that.

Note that I have social anxiety and might not be able to actually go through it, but I'm willing to give it a try.

Madeleine has died

It's with extreme sadness that we announce that Madeleine, our Sales Manager and forever employee-of-the-month, has died.

Last week we received the news that she ate a small part of kite line, which lodged between her stomach and gut. She did not survive the postoperative removal of the line.

We've adopted her around May, 2015. For the past few months she was living with Charlotte's mother at São Paulo.

Just like Phoebe and Jessie, we consider Madeleine part of our team and are very sad to know she's gone.

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